“Springing as it does from silence, every word, for being received, demands the presence of silence. The fuller and richer the word to be received is, the more profound the silence has to be. True silence therefore does not mean to speak little or not at all. Silence which is only absence of words is empty of being, empty of love, empty of life, in truth is furthest away from true silence. Speaking little is only the disposition towards true silence. True silence is a listening. It is woven by the matter of Being, Life, Love. True silence is plenitude.”
Original text in French:
“Comme elle sort du silence, toute parole pour être reçue exige le silence. […] Et plus pleine et riche est la parole à recevoir, plus profond doit être le silence. Le vrai silence n’est donc point de ne pas parler ou de parler peu. Le silence qui n’est qu’absence de paroles est vide d’être, vide d’amour, vide de vie, en vérité le plus éloigné du vrai silence. Parler peu n’est que la disposition au véritable silence. […] Le vrai silence est une écoute. L’Etre, la Vie, l’Amour sont sa matière, son étoffe. Le vrai silence est plénitude.”

— Jean-Marie Burucoa (Monk from the Belloc Monastery)

rippled from shantideva, a beautiful weblog well worth your prolonged attention. picture from here.


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