the occupy wallstreet declaration.


7 thoughts on “the occupy wallstreet declaration.

  1. Aaron Manton (@amntn)

    These OWS people suck. They’re a bunch of privileged white kids who don’t want to repay student loans. I don’t want to repay my student loan either, but they need to get busy on at least looking like they care about anything else. This is what passes for Leftism where I live.

    1. nutshell Post author

      indeed. i agree on the ‘look like you care about anything else’.
      just to think about it differently:
      isn’t part of the lack of demands one of the appealing things about this movement?
      it is clear that people who are getting busy occupying are one visible part of a much much broader movement, which also plays out in all kinds of social and alternative projects around the world.
      they may have different visions of what alternatives look like, but i think all the fragmentation is part of the problem we are attempting to address.
      i am not sure if mere ‘leftism’ on its own is much help to bring down the tricks of finance.

      1. Aaron Manton (@amntn)

        It’s a start, I guess. My concern is that a spontaneous movement that does not advance beyond a few bourgeois quibbles does not capture the imagination and energy of a large group. At the very, very least this should affect voting.

  2. colette

    I understand your concern, but this must not arrest the movement. It must be tried to reach a larger group. i know this is (alwys) very difficult.
    But I miss a statement on death penalty,


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