bell hooks. bis.

Rage can be consuming. it must be tempered by an
engagement with a full range of emotional responses to
black struggle for self-determination. In midlife, I see in
myself that same rage at injustice which surfaced in me more
than twenty years ago as I read the Autobiography of
Malcolm X and experienced the world around me anew.
Many of my peers seem to feel no rage or believe it has no
place. They see themselves as estranged from angry black
youth. Sharing rage connects those of us who are older and
more experienced with younger black and non-black folks
who are seeking ways to be self-actualized, self-determined,
who are eager to participate in anti-racist struggle. Renewed,
organized black liberation struggle cannot happen if we
remain unable to tap collective black rage. Progressive black
activists must show how we take that rage and move it
beyond fruitless scapegoating of any group, linking it instead
to a passion for freedom and justice that illuminates, heals,
and makes redemptive struggle possible.

from killing rage.


2 thoughts on “bell hooks. bis.

  1. polkifar

    Hey Katy,

    Just found old letters from 1999…. some stimulating brain-exchanges as i remember… wondering if u do too?


    1. nutshell Post author

      how do humans relate to the past? is one of the more meaningful questions i spose…
      so you moving house? cleaning out the past? what took you so long? 😉
      how have you been?


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