i am grateful for…

I am grateful for:

  1. auburn and golden colours of autumn
  2. my family, including fictive kin
  3. trees, especially lime trees
  4. moments of resonance and love
  5. opportunity for education and learning
  6. eclectic bunch of books of all shapes and colours
  7. capturing things
  8. permaculture
  9. strangers and undodgy smiles
  10. poetry, not necessarily verbal
  11. stand-up comedy
  12. mimosa
  13. thick curtains
  14. the ocean
  15. time to breathe
  16. all those petrol-based luxuries
  17. animals, especially those I know by name
  18. interwebs
  19. socks that do not strangle my ankles
  20. gluten-free foods
  21. fruit
  22. young people and their fresh delights
  23. the touch of the piano
  24. growing up with music
  25. long-term readers
  26. happiness in unlikely places
  27. growth afforded by self-questioning
  28. anthropology
  29. true teachers
  30. meditation
  31. connection
  32. garden delights
  33. making homes
  34. unwarranted gifts of friendliness and authenticity
  35. going beyond, ever beyond
  36. tea
  37. sandy beaches
  38. cloth that feels just right
  39. v-neck jumpers
  40. phones
  41. curious and open people
  42. daring pioneers
  43. feminist and other social justice movements
  44. portable music devices
  45. dawn and dusk
  46. possibility
  47. writing pleasures (and pains)
  48. hugs
  49. empathy and wisdom in other people
  50. the possibility of running


4 thoughts on “i am grateful for…

  1. Shantideva

    Spreading positive words as you did now is comparable to tibetan prayer flags that spread their prayers with the wind out to the world. The world would be a better place if everyone would follow your example!


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