i abject!

Firefly: My friends, this man’s case moves me deeply. Look at Chicolini! He sits there alone, an abject figure.

Chicolini: I abject!

Firefly: I say, look at Chicolini. He sits there alone, a pitiable object – let’s see you get out of that one! – surrounded by a sea of unfriendly faces. Chicolini, give me a number from one to ten.

Chicolini: Eleven.

Firefly: Right.

Chicolini: Now, I ask you one. What is it has a trunk, but no key, weighs two thousand pounds and lives in a circus?

Prosecutor: That’s irrelevant.

Chicolini: A relephant! Hey, that’s the answer. There’s a whole lotta relephants in a circus.

(The Marx Brothers, Duck Soup, 1933).


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