post number 1000.

i was a little anxious watching the wordpress-grown statistics of blog post numbers go beyond 950 and thought when the time had come, i would need to act. pressure.

yes, this post (give or take one) is post number one thousand. to think the line between blog aficionado, blog addict and notorious collector of scraps of interweb because of a leaky-leakier-leakiest memory is very thin indeed.

i wanted to thank all you readers for your continued presence. we are now also approaching 100,000 views. i am not sure whether ripple is what you want as an editorial line (or lack thereof) but you certainly do keep checking in. i would like you to leave more comments but who am i to complain. if enjoyment is all the needed outcome, then so be it.

the thought crossed my mind to shut it down (as it does periodically), but i do not think i will do that now. editorial line might change, or it might not. i have the inkling things are just gonna stay pretty similar, in the sense that ripple is my online notebook, my miscellaneous collage of the solemn and the lighthearted, the touching and the ephemeral if there ever was a place where all these things could meet (bar in my chaotic soul). i just like writing, and this place is the only place i can just splatter without too much regard for form or censorship. and, for those who know me, i like my freedoms.

so all i need to do now is wish you a marvellously splendid new year. 2012. enjoy it. it might be your last ;-). and if not, you won’t enter 2013 with any regrets at least. hope 2012 contains wit, silliness, happiness, excitement, adventure, love, love and love. and, should you ever require it, some instant miso soup.

thank you ever so much. i hope to keep serving you.

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