For it is central to the conception of such a tradition that the past is never something merely to be discarded, but rather that the preset is intelligible only as a commentary upon and response to the past in which the past, if necessary and if possible, is corrected and transcended, yet corrected and transcended in a way that leaves the present open to being in turn corrected and transcended by some yet more adequate future point of view (MacIntyre 1984:147).

One thought on “transcendence.

  1. Shantideva

    Very interesting! But: “that leaves the present open to being in turn corrected”… How could the present be corrected knowing that the present is the product of the previous “present” moment and merely a note in the symphony of life? How to correct a note while played? And how to really foresee without old concepts and old images a future that will always be new? Wouldn’t this mean to always live a step behind and trying to anticipate the beauty of the present moment while missing the essence of it? I guess I’ll have to read the whole text to grasp the whole significance of it. 🙂 Thanks for the trigger…


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