Pillars for a sustainable society.



Together, they ensure the well-being of all life, and the marshaling of our actions and dreams effectively to achieve the best for all. They encompass the restoration of health to our lives:

* To ensure that all people have equitable access to and share of wealth, health, income, security, education, opportunity, respect, political power, and fulfilling work.* To ensure that all life has the scope to ensure well-being and development of innate capabilities.
* To remove the imbalances of power, self-esteem, opportunity, resource access, and emotional health which form the base of fear and insecurity.* To realize that biosystem health, a lasting supply of world resources, and the capabilities of human and global systems – not material consumption rates – constitute our real wealth. To act to ensure and improve the health and capabilities of these resources.
* To stabilize and restore population to long term supportable levels commensurate with the well-being of all life. * To draw materials and energy only from renewable sources and at sustainable rates. * To work within those energy and material use levels to both improve our non-material quality of life and more effectively provide for our material needs.
* To enact full ecological analysis to ensure public knowledge of the true costs of our actions. * To live within our sustainable incomes, not take from future generations and other life, and to ensure them undiminished opportunity for fulfillment.* To ensure that all industrial producers assume eternal responsibility for the products and byproducts they create.* To protect and preserve farm, forest, aquatic, and other natural resources.* To protect natural, cultural and spiritual resources until all jurisdictions restore and enhance their own to levels which meet the needs of their populations.
* To acknowledge the primacy of non-material rewards in personal and community health and develop giving-based principles of interaction which honor the contribution of all life to what we hold of value.* To replace our violent forms of obtaining food and resources with ones which are based on consensus and fulfilling the needs of all parties.* To ensure all have roles in the community which offer meaningful self-esteem, mutual respect, and being of value to the community of all life.
* To acknowledge that our greatest cultural problems are at root diseases of the spirit. To act to improve the spiritual, mental, psychological and communal dimensions of our real wealth and their expression in our communities.* To seek the wisdom and connectedness to restore well-being to all of creation and purpose and meaning to our lives.

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