important update.

i am so happy about the wellbeing of these little rather young earthly inhabitants. 🙂

i thought i could break the pattern of daily posting with the apocalyptic previous post, and then counterbalance it with this one, to show the sheer crazy variety existing among the plant world. i am only starting to discover the edges of this world, and have been accompanying the journey from seed of about 50 varieties of veg, flowers and perennial herbs for the last month or so.

so this is a live post, unlike most posts on this blog, these days, that are a few months in the past if their humble author is to be the referential. not sure if i’ve said that before, but just in case i haven’t.

hope you’re all well, readers. it’s a rather breezy day in luxiland. seems to be some kind of movement in the sky, not sure what exactly that entails. happy orthodox easter. 🙂 here’s an auditory treat from the russian orthodox cathedral in paris.


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