inspired by mich at beetrooted, i feel like an introduction. for any introduction is also a positioning. 😉 thank you, mich. and you, reader, how would you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Momo. I am a writer and live in creativity. I’ve always been living in and among books and I long for people’s stories just like I long for books. For me no difference exists between theory and practice, which is difficult to understand for a lot of my companions. I have been seeking to increase the coherence between the worlds I dream and the worlds I live among, as well as between my words and my actions. Project of many lifetimes. I fell in love with the alphabet when I was six. I took writing as far as I could and became a researcher and teacher. My mind likes the poetic, the pattern, the broad and complex, and struggles with detail and precision, at times. I write things to make them clear to others and myself. I am, nevertheless, fascinated by the limits of language and that which goes beyond into the sacred domain of silence, dance, movement, breath, love.

Hi, my name is Katy. I am a freedom seeker. I’ve always asked a lot of questions. I like positioning myself on uncomfortable edges so my learning will be greater. I have lived among shepherds in Romania and listened to innumerable stories of injustice, hope, resilience, friendship. I seek to expand the spaces of our freedom to live lightly on the planet. For that I work in my spare time towards putting into practice a holistic framework for sustainable action. My freedom seeking, nay – my entire being, is conceived of as in permanent, close co-creation with my lovely fellow travellers and trail blazers, without whom I would be nothing.

Hi, my name is Momo, I am a daughter of the earth. I feel very young and fragile in comparison with my Mother earth, and I ponder impermanence by way of buddhist-cum-nature-based spirituality in very small gestures of the everyday. I only recently have come to cherish in-depth the beauty and truth inherent in nature, and have become an apprentice gardener, learning every day about ecology, plants, interactions, timing, and the design of permanent food systems.

Hi, my name is Woman. Like many of us, I have suffered on the hands of men and on the way in which our society is skewed towards patriarchy. I seek reconciliation because I have, all in all, been lucky in that I have called men my companions who deeply understood the plight of women and who were struggling for a re-balancing of the power. I trust and know the limits of my trust. I long to be a mother one day.

Hi, my name is Katy. I have always felt a strong kinship with the animal world, and, as a kid, liked to learn their names, habitats and customary number of offspring by heart. I have two totem animals. One is the fox, for obvious reasons, a lone animal that knows the shape of the dawn and that runs with the wind. An animal that has been used a lot in human mythology and that is found in many different ecosystems. The other animal is the oystercatcher, for its ability to be very serious and very funny at the same time, for its black-white patterns and its distinctive cry that I have come to love.

Hi, my name is K. People have pronounced my name differently over the years. When I was three, I told people my name and the place I am from, so as to avoid any confusion. I then travelled for a long time and still love the feeling of unknown spaces with detail so fine that I know I could not have imagined it to this degree. My twenties were spent nomadically, away from the place that made me and that I tried so hard to shake off. I came back over two years ago now to the place of origin and have since realised the bounty and possibility that lies therein.


2 thoughts on “introducing.

  1. nutshell Post author

    reminders are good sometimes. sometimes blank slates beat reminders. i hope you find the time to introduce yourself to me too (not on this platform but perhaps elsewhere?) 🙂


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