parmenides’s poem.

Soon as the coursers that bear me and drew me as far as extendeth
Impulse, guided me and threw me aloft in the glorious pathway,
lip to the Goddess that guideth through all things man that is conscious,
There was I carried along, for there did the coursers sagacious,
Drawing the chariot, bear me, and virgins preceded to guide them—
Daughters of Helios leaving behind them the mansions of darkness—
Into the light, with their strong hands forcing asunder the night-shrouds,
While in its socket the axle emitted the sound of a syrinx,
Glowing, for still it was urged by a couple of wheels well-rounded,
One upon this side, one upon that, when it hastened its motion.
There were the gates of the paths of the Night and the paths of the Day-time.
[the continuation can be found here]


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