ghosts facing skeletons.

All dualism does is reveal a ghost facing a skeleton. All real bodies shimmer like watered silk.

… The variety of sight, basted with large tacking stitches on to the variety of hearing, these sewn temporarily to each other, and each one separately and both together tacked on to those of taste, smell and touch, piece by piece and in no particular order, working towards the definitive garment which never eventuates, forms components which are seen and which, on occasion, clash with the resulting variety or with a neighboring one: the goat’s beard beneath the nostrils of a horse attracts attention, the neck beneath the narwhal’s horn causes surprise. This is how we originate and how we are formed: a slapdash piece of work, subject to the vagaries of time and the blunders of brief opportunities. At times our skin, a hasty and untidy construct, happy from some fortunate encounter, resembles the chimera, with inexpertly attached fragments: a chin adorned with strange hairs, or pasterns not matching the hooves. Our upbringing or environment, the chain formed by the chance assembly of our genes, makes weird half-breeds of us, variables on a globally stable pattern. Our time does not end in a system, but in a rough-cut and patchwork rag. All women differ, the goat, the mare and narwhal differ, all women come together in the woman in the sixth tapestry, the mare, narwhal and goat come together, the unicorn brings about the required totalization, the woman wears the animal skin. We are all dressed in fabulous skins, assuming the guise of enigmatic sphinxes. The skin varies, discrete, continuous, inexpertly sewn, horned. It varies: woven, historiated, tattooed and legendary.

Michel Serres The Five Senses: A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies.

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