happy new 2013! may it be bright and prosperous and full of new thoughts and emotions for you, dear readers.

i’ve phased out the blog somewhat in 2012. i’ve been promising a new editorial line for quite a while now, but never really managed to pull it off.

my main ‘resolution’ for 2013 is to enjoy life more, be more in the present moment and just accept whatever presents itself to me. i won’t lose my fighter aspects entirely, but i suppose i don’t need to rely on them in a quite so default manner.

this blog is going into its 5th year now, and my life has changed quite a bit since 2008. this is a good thing, and i expect it to change quite a bit more in the next 5 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

new year, new attempt. my camera is back into action and i want to take photography a little more seriously again. it had fallen away from me with the post-digital revolution visual overload, but i’d like to get back into it this year. the blogposts will be writings, not as regular as the videopostings the blog had morphed into of late, but trickling in every month or so, depending on my need to write.

i am still dreaming of a time in my life dedicated to writing more again. at the moment, i do a lot of mandatory writing and not enough creative, tentative steps across the page, but in a year or so this will hopefully change.

so i would like to take you on a different kind of journey now, if you wish to come along.


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