bird song.

during the journey east, birds were on my mind a lot. mainly because there was a strange absence of birds on the second part of the journey, aside from the crows who were not shy to speak to the ocean (ok apart from a kind of beige oystercatcher and eagle as well as hummingbirds not so near the ocean) catching worms and the odd crabs.

when i was a child i could not really appreciate birds. they were too fast, not close enough, but i do enjoy their song and their presence. i much preferred furry animals. must have been a strange kind of arrogance on my judaeo-christian upbringing.

i only started to pay attention to birds in oz, kookaburras, parrots and cockatoos are in-your-face creatures. noisy and a little bit broad-shouldered and rowdy. and of course, messerschmidt the budgie whose company i really liked. a bit later, in scotland, i liked to just listen to them, but since my short-sightedness keeps me from properly discerning flashes of light among the dappled areas of the parks and forests, i failed to be a proper birdwatcher, and never really learned to distinguish the songs. i again resorted to liking the most obvious birds while living there: the pigeons and oyster catchers. as anyone in aberdeen, the gulls were never my favourite, although i do miss their cries and the neediness of the youth in the summer, and the way in which they fought all over the place.

i dream of birds a lot, too. they are my soul perching up high near the clouds ready to fly off into some distance, away from routine and boredom, away from the commitments within which i have entangled myself, away from any sorrow i might know. it’s my preferred automatic saviour dream sequence that i like to draw up when life feels a little narrow and i feel a little bit like i am just a canary in a cage, not sure about whether the confines of my horizon will ever budge.

and what about the love birds? i do wonder sometimes.

bring on spring. bring on spring. 😉


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