Icarus is the result of one of my university classes. Sometimes my training seems to provoke a relapse into teenage resistance to learning, making me drift off into the space of my imagination, where I feel much safer.

EA, PA is a reminder of what I was thinking about. Pedagogical programmatic nonsense is filling my mind on numerous occasions these days, but I try not to be as dismissive of it all the time, succeeding perhaps 54% of the time.

It’s just a draft, and I don’t like the anchor, as, if I hadn’t drawn it, one could look at the image both upright and upside down, if you see what I mean.

I am thinking a lot about art at the moment and would like to take up drawing again more seriously.

I am also wishing I could have more time to write, but livelihood-making gets in the way at the moment… 😉

This post is also an act of procrastination as I am supposed to learn by heart quite a bit of text and I am slightly apprehensive that my memory might fail me. You can see the fear in that.

I should, however, attend to the task *NOW* and not expect the text to just give itself up to me like some Arctic seal to the deserving hunter. Effort and perseverance will be mine, hopefully, in a sustained way for me to actually manage to do it in time…


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