random acts of kindness.

#118. Wake up and write down on a piece of paper: 10 reasons to be happy. Give it to someone by the end of the day.
#204. Thank every drop of water that touches your skin.
#315. While alone and with your eyes closed, whisper sentiments of forgiveness to those resentments that you harbor.
#421. Today, allow yourself to be patient, extremely patient — don’t stress the perceived time + space continuum.
#567. Look in the mirror — you never were more perfect. Believe it.
#667. Watch the trees — how their movement connects with your gaze.
#790. Instead of getting mad (at your mother, partner, children, boss or co-worker), get loving.
#801. Throw a 15-minute dance party every Thursday in your living room — celebrate the sheer fact that we’re alive.
#923. Ride bikes with a friend, but don’t act arrogant about it — be awesome.
#104. Listen.
#116. Tell your best friend that you believe in their dreams — do it, do it now.
#127. Let someone else go first — it’s not that big of a deal.
#135. Clean up the litter in front of where you live — try not to separate yourself from your surroundings.
#142. For one day, don’t gossip or talk shit — about anyone or anything.
#150. Look up at the sun and whisper to it, “You’re wonderful.”
#168. Let an insect crawl on your hand until it flies away — appreciate its courage, its grace and its intelligence.
#172. Take a photo you think a friend would like and give it to them — tell them you took it for them.
#181. Remind someone when they ask, “What if it doesn’t work?”, that the real question is, “What if it does?”
#199. Slip someone a note in your handwriting that says: Don’t forget… we are living in paradise.

via here.

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