intention-setting and new journeys.

Dear readers and followers of this blog,

2015-09-03 20.27.21

Thanks for checking in.

I started writing here in 2008 while I was in Aberdeen writing up my thesis. Since then my life has changed quite substantially… I have been feeling for a long while that this blog is no longer aligned with my interests, and that its shape does not quite fit me any more. It is a collection of musical or poetic encounters that I wanted to share, and at the time of writing (15th September 2015), 113 blogposts are scheduled up to a year ahead. I will not shut down the blog but it will ripple out and I shan’t be adding to the scheduled blog posts.

I will be announcing a new place of writing soon where I will write in a more focused way on permaculture design, transition research and practice, living lightly on the earth and creativity in everyday life. Possibly also about sci-fi and dogs, but let’s see how everything unfolds.

Until then, thanks for reading and following and may your journeys be bright and full of learning.

love and blessings


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