in 2010, i founded the centre for ecological learning luxembourg.

or simply CELL, is a non-profit organisation that provides an experimental space for thinking, researching, disseminating and practising lifestyles with a low impact on the environment, and learning the skills for creating resilient post-carbon communities. 

The challenges presented to us today by climate change and peak oil are perhaps the greatest that humanity has faced. This time brings a great opportunity for rethinking the way we live and making conscious choices about what kind of community and world we would like to live in. Change is coming whether we like it or not – and a planned response to the change will leave us in a much stronger position than if we wait until change is upon us.

CELL is inspired by the work of the Transition Towns and Permaculture movements, and aims to relocalise culture and economy and, in that creative process, improve resilience to the consequences of peak oil and climate change. Further to setting up a Transition group, CELL does education and research in the area of sustainable living.

The baseline of CELL could be summarised as aiming to
1. live sustainably and endorsing holistic thinking and action
2. foster a culture of solidarity and collaboration
3. skill up for living well in a post-carbon economy

CELL is also contributing to regional research on sustainability, energy autonomy and descent, and the post-carbon economy. If you are a holsitically-minded researcher interested in working with us, and share our ethics and goals, do get in touch.


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